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Music Together® Outdoors!

Music Together Outdoors Winter Registration is now open!

With Music Together Outdoors, music class is enjoyed in a beautiful outdoor setting! Beginning January 4, every week for eight weeks, Director, Alyson Cohn, and Instructor, Janica Carpenter, will lead your family in fun musical activities using songs from the Bells Song Collection. Plus, you’ll get a CD, songbook, digital access code, and bonus activities so the musical fun can continue all week long! It’s the perfect way to deepen your little one’s music education in the safety of the outdoors. 

All adults will be required to wear masks and each family will be supplied with a personal bag of instruments for use while in class that will be thoroughly disinfected in between classes. Families are also asked to bring their own blankets to sit on. Classes will be held at our Wyckoff location on a very large 25'x25' deck, heated by large restaurant style tall patio heaters. In the case of snow/rain or if the temperature drops below 30 degrees Farenheit class will be canceled and added on to the end of the semester. We can add as many classes to the end of the semester as needed so every class will have a full 8 week semester.

Music Together Outdoors classes are held at 507 Terhune Terrace, Wyckoff, NJ, with classes offered Monday through Saturday.

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